Ride-Arc is an occasional curated experience which explores topics ranging from architecture & anthropology to sensory perception, hidden languages, revealing landscapes, and more, presented through an adventure by bicycle.

Our upcoming event for 2015 is Sound Connections: Los Angeles. You can read the announcement by following the link in the previous sentence, or find it under Events -> Present.


Ride Registrations are now available on a first-served, first-reserved basis. All rides are free to participate in!

 “Sound Connections: Los Angeles” Postcards are also available to purchase. You may want to read up on  “Participation” if you are not familiar with how Ride-Arc operates.


For those that have purchased or will purchase a postcard, which both supports Ride-Arc and allows for priority registration, thank you!

Looking to join in on the fun? We operate a little bit differently with a preference for intention and intimacy – you may want to familiarize yourself with how this works by heading over to the Participation section of this website. Announcements of our shared experiences come primarily through our e-mail mailing list with print as a priority for reservation. The website is updated with information secondary to the mailing list, a few days in arrears.


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