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RideArc is undergoing yet another website re-design which will probably not be
complete in time for our upcoming rides surrounding the topics of
Gentrification, Incarceration and Homelessness.

The participatory event will be presented in
three distinct parts on the following dates:

September 23rd, October 21st, and November 11th.

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The second announcement for our event on October 21st has been sent out to the mailing list and is copied below.


Ride-Arc is proud to present to your minds, hearts and legs
a continuation of the participatory exploration
of our megalopolis that many of us call home.
Back on the Streets:
Gentrification, Homelessness and Incarceration
Part II: Epicentral South

The second of our three part series entitled “Epicentral South” will be presented this coming Friday, October 21st, at 8pm. We will be meeting at the outer gate of “Grand Hope” Park in downtown Los Angeles. We will be meeting at the park’s entrance near the intersection of 9th and Hope streets. The park will be closed or closing just as we begin our journey, please be sure that neither you nor your belongings are caught within the closing gates. The irony of a park named “Grand Hope” which is often closed to the public in a landscape bereft of public space after certain hours notwithstanding.

In our first episode we visited through several different neighborhoods which have gone through, or are going through, various stages of gentrification: from early stages of resistance through the “post-mortem” phase of Hollywoodification. Interplayed through this primary topic were outstanding issues of homelessness and incarceration, affecting the shifting tides of a moving, and growing, populous looking for a place to live. Stemming from the “axis of justice” in the center of downtown Los Angeles, through the interstitial masses finding shelter in the area formerly known as Skidrow and now nameless per Google Maps, flanked by warehouses of frozen foods, and walled by the tragically hip living in districts named for persons whom probably can not afford to live there. “Oh, the ironing of it all, what gentrification really is” as one friend puts it, is outstanding in the face of how it is discussed on social and corporate media outlets. 

But let us continue: through the Financial Canyons of our downtown LA wilderness into the quiet straits of hoodoos and clothing warehouses, to rivers of transportation where growth is spurting anew investment from foreign lands. Yes, let’s find out what’s next, why your rent is so damn high, and what the heck is going on with that dark part of the map where that one painter friend of yours said they once had a show which they never told you about. 

It’s part II of as we ride the waves of gentrification, homelessness and incarceration. Won’t you join in?

When: 8pm, Friday October 21st, 2016.
Where: “Grand Hope” Park, downtown Los Angeles, California
Length: Approximately 14 miles
Difficulty: Relatively flat
Ending: Relatively close to the start.

We will be starting promptly at 8pm with an initial discussion lasting a few minutes. If you are used to “bike time” arrivals that are a bit lax, please adjust your “bike time” clocks to cycle early so you might arrive on time. The initial discussion is vital in framing the remainder of our evening’s journey, and be prepared for a deep dive from the start. If you attended the first part, some of this may be a repeat. At least this time you’ll know that a tissue may be handy.

Route difficulty:

  • We will be riding in the streets and try to follow traffic laws as much as possible.
  • Generally please avoid ‘corking’ intersections. We will wait for your group to catch up.
  • The pace will be kept relatively easy.
  • Please communicate with each other so we can avoid ‘dropping’ people unnecessarily or waiting for people who have decided to abscond themselves from the flood of mental stimulation on the ride.


What to bring:
  • A bicycle in good or excellent mechanical condition.
  • A helmet. (Your brain is your greatest investment.)
  • Clothing. (This is not a ‘naked’ ride and the evening air may be chilly.)
  • Your brain. (Halloween is near, need to stock up for Zombies. Or perhaps Ride-Arc feeds the mind.)
  • Your heart. (You will need it to pump blood to those legs of yours.)
  • Front and Rear lights (This is a requirement of law.)
  • Pumped up tires. (Duh)
  • Liquid of your preference for hydration. (If you can, please avoid alcohol during the ride.)
  • A camera. (Thanks to those who did send in photos! Still trying to figure out why the e-mail isn’t working.)